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Model Portfolio – Update

Hello followers,

I’ve talked about adding some “extra leverage” to my long term Bitcoin Holding if we were to see Bitcoin drop back down to the $8,500 level.   Well, upon further consideration, I feel that this retracement and consolidation has run a course far enough for me to feel comfortable adding more exposure. 

Bitcoin’s Awareness Phase

Video Order:

Introduction – 06:25

Path to $200,000 – 10:22

Obsession with Short Term Price – 21:00

The Model Portfolio – Buys and Exit – 27:40

View on Bitcoin in a Recession – 39:05

Left Translated Cycle Possibility – 44:40

Bitcoin Accumulation – Price Discovery

Firstly, I present no real new concepts for the HODL’ers here, just reinforcement of the strategy and theme provided in prior video. However, what I do believe is that Bitcoin is being accumulated at a massive rate and few seem to appreciate.  There just is little supply of Bitcoin to go around and it is driving the price up sharply.  We also have far more awareness this time around.

Process – Discipline – Strategy. Keys to Bitcoin HODL success.

They keys to this 4-Year Journey will be your ability to remain disciplined, to follow a plan, and execute on the strategy and process.

In this video I cover those topics and more, as Bitcoin’s price is already up 180% off the bottom.

I also cover:

The importance of mental discipline over the 4 year journey, as opposed to focusing on price and profit.
How Bitcoin will be talked about and studied for hundreds of years to come.  You are making history!
Talked about my first planned exit at the $16,000 level.
Looked at a possible worse case scenario of not exceeding the prior $20,000 level for the next 5 years.  Why it’s important to have a plan.

HODL Yourself – Already

In this video I discuss:

Getting your position – What are you waiting for and the trap of looking for a better price.
Lesson from the recent doubling from $4,200 to $8,400, why getting in with a position worked.
Talked about Bitcoin Price history as it relates to this new and amazing technology. 
We have to understand the opportunity.Volatility – How the upcoming 4 Year Cycle is going to have 30% short term swings higher and lower. 
So we need to be prepared.Lastly, reiterated the opportunity ahead, to once more not lose sight of the prize.

Bitcoin 4 Year Journey – The Right HODL Allocation

The first actionable step in the BTC 4 Year Cycle Strategy is here!

Have you taken your position yet? In this video I cover the right allocation and what I am doing to get started as part of the 4-Year Journey.

If you have not yet seen the original 4 Year Cycles videos, please first watch those here. Link > https://4yearjourney.com/2019/01/14/bitcoins-4-year-cycle-opportunity/

I also outline my $100,000 model portfolio of 25BTC purchased at a $4,000 price. This model portfolio will be used as a tracking account to illustrate how I plan to invest my Bitcoin holdings over the next 3 to 4 years. As I take profit and consolidate along the way, you will have the ability to see these transactions on the blockchain and in real-time.

The Next 4-Year Cycle Started

This is an update to the original 4-Year Cycle Video posted on Jan 15th.  Based on recent strength and the presence of a couple of higher highs within the Bitcoin Cycles, I am calling a likely 4 Year Cycle Bottom with the Dec 2018 lows. In this video I cover the opportunity ahead and the […]