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The Biggest Test

A global shock and liquidity event is placing tremendous pressure on Bitcoin.
This is a test of your resolve like no other to date. How you respond will matter and how you have prepared will be key.

The 4-Year Cycle Journey in 2020

This is a 2020 look at the Bitcoin 4-Year Cycle and a review of what Bitcoin did in 2019. I also cover the four most popular follower questions.

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You’re In Control

You’re in control of your own destiny and #Bitcoin HODL Journey. I can only provide ideas on how I approach this investment opportunity, but how you execute on your own strategy will be the difference in the end. In this video, I cover my process and thoughts on Bitcoin. I also go into my exit […]

HODL Security – MultiSig

Hello 4 Year Journey followers –

Before anyone panic’s, I have not sold, only moved my funds in preparation for going to a Multi-Sig solution.   So the addresses published on the Model Portfolio will be updated once a permanent solution is in place.

I’ve been thinking a lot about personal security, the security of my Bitcoin, and the inheritance of my assets in the event something happens to me.  Being that my family members are not “into Bitcoin” and not that technical, I’m not 100% confident that my family could recover this wealth easily.   One easy solution would have been to just custody my coins, but then where is the self sovereignty in that?