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A global shock and liquidity event is placing tremendous pressure on Bitcoin. This is a test of your resolve like no other to date. How you respond will matter and how you have prepared will be key.

Bitcoin is now firmly back on the bullish, Right Translated 4-Year Cycle outlook.

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4-Year Cycle Update. (Progress, Risks, Dec Lows)
Buy Now?
Exit Strategy
ALT Coins
BTC security – Multi-Sig
Closing Arguments

Full Agenda, Table of Contents, and Description below.

This is a 2020 look at the Bitcoin 4-Year Cycle and a review of what Bitcoin did in 2019. I also cover the four most popular follower questions.  More importantly, please share it on Social Media, in forums, and with friends. That is my only ask.

Video Agenda and Table of Contents.

  • Disclaimers – Start
  • Where we have come from – 2019 – 05:13
  • The 2020 outlook and the 4-Year Cycle view – 17:40
  • CYCLE LENGTH – Myth of longer Cycles. – 29:23
  • Lots of questions on buying Alt-Coins. – 33:13
  • Stock to Flow Ratio – 39:40
  • Bitcoin Halving – 43:11
  • Closing Points and Summary – 45:52