Hello 4 Year Journey followers –

Before anyone panic’s, I have not sold, only moved my funds in preparation for going to a Multi-Sig solution.   So the addresses published on the Model Portfolio will be updated once a permanent solution is in place.

I’ve been thinking a lot about personal security, the security of my Bitcoin, and the inheritance of my assets in the event something happens to me.  Being that my family members are not “into Bitcoin” and not that technical, I’m not 100% confident that my family could recover this wealth easily.   One easy solution would have been to just custody my coins, but then where is the self sovereignty in that?

Then I’ve been thinking of my encrypted seed files stored on USB’s in safe deposit boxes.  Or the fact that unlocking one single trezor can gain access to my funds.  For these reasons, I’ve started talking to a couple of solutions providers and hope to have a review of my final decision in the coming month.

Stay tuned.  Until then, as always, stay the course!   If you ever doubt, go back and watch some of the past videos and always remind yourself of what time horizon you’re investing on.

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  1. Madias
    Madias says:

    I appreciate your videos a lot. I wish I would have known of your project earlier:)
    I personally have focused on digital asset security over the last years. Maybe I can give something back to you by sharing some thoughts on this problem as well as contributing my know how. Meanwhile there are better solutions or at least additions to MultiSig. Maybe we can use a more efficient com channel to discuss ideas. If my input helps you having a final concept which you are going to share publicly, then i’d be glad.

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