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I’ve talked about adding some “extra leverage” to my long term Bitcoin Holding if we were to see Bitcoin drop back down to the $8,500 level.   Well, upon further consideration, I feel that this retracement and consolidation has run a course far enough for me to feel comfortable adding more exposure. 

NOW, this is not a bottom call.  This is me saying that at more than 30% off the highs, after a 3-month consolidation, I am happy to put more capital to work.  Remember, for me I do not have a stop loss on my long term bitcoin position.  I believe in it enough to ride this as a long term investment and deal with the consequences of being potentially wrong.  But at the same time, my bitcoin is well under 10% of my net wealth, so my risk management plan is essentially having a level of exposure that I am OK in losing, in the event this thesis is incorrect.   I find this is the best way to play the long game and to stay invested through the entire swings of the 4-year Cycle.

Remember, this is NOT investment advice, it’s only what I am personally doing.  The 5 BTC was just added at $9,675 and I will post the public address on the model portfolio for tracking purposes.    I will also have another video out this week!

All the best.   You can only win if you’re still there at the end.   “Eye on the prize”

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  1. Savige
    Savige says:

    I agree wholeheartedly… although I am only a small investor, I have added to my BTC holding at $9,865 and $9,780 and I am now a strong (though not large) “Whole-coiner”.

  2. skaffen
    skaffen says:

    Thank you Bob. The new profit target #1 seems to slightly at odds with the rational behind the original target of selling 5 BTC at $16k, would a target of 6 BTC at $20k not be more consistent, or why the change in thinking ?

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