They keys to this 4-Year Journey will be your ability to remain disciplined, to follow a plan, and execute on the strategy and process.

In this video I cover those topics and more, as Bitcoin’s price is already up 180% off the bottom.

I also cover:

  • The importance of mental discipline over the 4 year journey, as opposed to focusing on price and profit.
  • How Bitcoin will be talked about and studied for hundreds of years to come.  You are making history!
  • Talked about my first planned exit at the $16,000 level.
  • Looked at a possible worse case scenario of not exceeding the prior $20,000 level for the next 5 years.  Why it’s important to have a plan.

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Welcome back to the next installment of your 4 Year HODL Journey!

As always, if you have not seen any of the previous video’s, it’s important that you first watch the following two videos:

The Next 4-Year Cycle has started

The Right HODL Allocation

In this video I discuss:

  • Getting your position – What are you waiting for and the trap of looking for a better price.
  • Lesson from the recent doubling from $4,200 to $8,400, why getting in with a position worked.
  • Talked about Bitcoin Price history as it relates to this new and amazing technology.  We have to understand the opportunity.
  • Volatility – How the upcoming 4 Year Cycle is going to have 30% short term swings higher and lower.  So we need to be prepared.
  • Lastly, reiterated the opportunity ahead, to once more not lose sight of the prize.

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The first actionable step in the BTC 4 Year Cycle Strategy is here!

Have you taken your position yet? In this video I cover the right allocation and what I am doing to get started as part of the 4-Year Journey.

If you have not yet seen the original 4 Year Cycles videos, please first watch those here. Link >

I also outline my $100,000 model portfolio of 25BTC purchased at a $4,000 price. This model portfolio will be used as a tracking account to illustrate how I plan to invest my Bitcoin holdings over the next 3 to 4 years. As I take profit and consolidate along the way, you will have the ability to see these transactions on the blockchain and in real-time.

Check it out.