Our Mission



Who Are We?

This site is operated by Bob Loukas.  Bob is a part-time trader of 25 years, an active investor (Multiple Startups, Stocks, Gold, Cryptocurrency, Real-Estate), and an entrepreneur. 

Bob first started trading in the 1990’s and experienced his first bubble with the dot.com mania (and lost it all).  Having found Cycles in the 2000’s and successfully traded through the 2008 Financial Crisis, Bob started posting online during the Gold bull market, successfully exiting the top of that market in 2011.  Since then, Bob continues to trade Precious Metals, Equities, Crude Oil and recently (late 2016), Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Bob is also an Entrepreneur and has interests in various on-line businesses, tech startups and development projects.     

What is Our Goal?

Bob has traded and invested through numerous bull and bear markets.  He has experienced the euphoric highs of major bubbles and the crushing losses of the subsequent pop and bear market.  Having successfully traded through the most recent Bitcoin 2017 bubble top and bear market, Bob’s focus with this site is to use his experience of past bull/bear Cycles to help others during the next possible bull and bear market in Bitcoin. 

Investing for the long term in a volatile asset like Bitcoin is not easy.  It requires patience, knowledge, emotional experience, and most of all a game plan and strategy.  This site, using Video and Blog Posts, aims to help anyone who is interested along this path we’re calling the 4-Year Journey.  That journey represents the 4 Year Cycle Bob believes occurs, from trough to trough, in Bitcoin’s price evolution. 


What Can I Expect?

First, the content will always be 100% free, always.  If you choose to support this site via an affiliate link it is appreciated, but it is not our expectation.  All new content will be released here on this site and only be made available on YouTube or other sites after 24+ hours. The content schedule and frequency will vary greatly at times.  This is a “Smart HODL Strategy” and we should not be watching every wiggle, twist, and turn of the Bitcoin chart.  So frankly, most of the time we will be doing nothing, by design, except of course HODLing our position and reinforcing the plan. 

Bob will not create content just for the sake of creating content. He is not a YouTuber and has no desire to become one. This site will not offer trading advice.  Please do not ask for short-term analysis or ask questions where Bob is buying or selling in the shorter term. There will not be any setups, buying of dips and selling short-term rallies during this 4 Year Journey process.  This site is designed for investors who do not want the headache of market timing and trading. 

Bob does provide frequent trading and educational content under a paid membership service at Bitcoin Live and therefore out of respect to those members, trading content will not be provided here.

Bitcoin Live Bob Loukas

Just Getting Started?

Before you dig into the content, please watch the following two videos.  The first recorded back in December 2018 announcing the coming 4 Year Cycle Low in Bitcoin.  The second video, published in April, covers similar ground but claims that the 4 Year Cycle lows were made in Dec of 2018 and outlines a potential strategy going forward.  Both of these videos provide the backdrop you need in order to appreciate, understand, and get the most out of this website.


Start here with this original 4 Year Cycle Video



Then watch this all important video claiming that the 4 Year Cycle Lows are now in for Bitcoin.